Cracking down on speeding motorists in Mansfield

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Volunteers in Mansfield will be taking to the roads with speed guns tomorrow (Friday 18 January 2013) to catch motorists flouting the limit.

The ten volunteers are taking part in the Speedwatch scheme on three roads, which have been highlighted as priority areas by the West Mansfield Police Safer Neighbourhood Team following consultation with residents and councillors.

Pc Ian Dickson said: “I think this is the first time the scheme has been put in place outside of a rural area. We are hoping it will deter motorists from ignoring the speed limits and going too fast along these roads. This should make the roads safer for everyone.”

The registration plates, vehicle make and colour of the cars caught going too fast will be recorded and sent to Nottinghamshire Police.

This information will then be checked on police systems and warning letters will be sent to drivers.

All of the details of these motorists will be recorded and further action may be taken against repeat offenders.

Most of the funding for the scheme has been organised by June Stendall, a Nottinghamshire County Councillor for the West Mansfield area.

The volunteers will target three specific roads within the West Mansfield area throughout tomorrow. After that they will be taking part in Community Speedwatch in the area on a regular basis.