Couple want to help hospital who saved their son’s life

Tiny Preston Snell, who had a life saving operaton at Queen's Medical Centre at just one day old.
Tiny Preston Snell, who had a life saving operaton at Queen's Medical Centre at just one day old.

A couple are thanking doctors and nurses at Queen’s Medical Centre who saved the life of their son, by aiming to raise £1,000 for the unit.

At just one day old tiny Preston Snell was given a life saving operation after doctors discovered he had been born with a hernia in his bowel.

As surgeons at QMC battled to save him, they had to remove 75 per cent of his bowel and parts of his stomach and gut.

His mum Claire Snell of Berry Hill said: “When Preston was born at 41 weeks at King’s Mill Hospital, he wouldn’t take to breast feeding and he kept being sick.

“We were discharged and later on at home he started screaming and sweating.

“We took him back to the maternity ward and within seconds the doctors came in and put him in an intensive care unit .

Preston was rushed to QMC in an ambulance.

When he was born he weighed seven and a half pounds and when he arrived QMC he weighed 6lbs 1oz.

Claire said; “I was heartbroken - I thought I had lost him.

“They had to work on him in the ambulance and they wouldn’t let me be with him. At Nottingham they took him into theatre.

The doctor said; “I am warning you now, he is a very ill child - he might not come through it.

“The operation he had doesn’t happen very often with young children.

“He was put in an incubator and they had tubes in him to drain away the poison from his system.”

Thanks to the work of medics at QMC Preston pulled through.

Aged four, Preston is still an inpatient there and still needs lots of medication. He also suffers from a foot deformity and difficulties with his speech.

Claire said: “The hospital staff have been fantastic.

“He spent six months in QMC in ward D35 and the ICU unit and can’t thank the hospital enough.

“They understand him and what he is going through - they have never treated him like a guinea pig.

”Preston is a cheerful lad and very brave. He is obsessed with anything to do with Spiderman.”

Preston’s dad Robin Bramwell said: “We have decided to raise money for the Ward D35 and ICU at QMC as a thank you as without these brilliant people Myself and Claire would have lost our baby boy and also to help faamilies that need a little normality if faced with any stay in hospital.”

Claire and Robin are hoping to raise at least £1,000. They have organised a charity fun day at the Rushley pub on Nottingham Road on October 31. Robin is also aiming high with a charity skydive on the weekend of November 7-8. Visit