Couple’s car was torched as they slept

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A couple whose car was torched in the middle of the night say they no longer feel safe in their Mansfield Woodhouse home.

Jane Richardson and her partner Brian Montague were stunned after their silver Golf TDI had its rear window put through and set ablaze as they slept in their Sherwood Court flat.

The car had been parked on Sherwood Street, and the couple were woken by the car alarm at around 2am on Wednesday, March 23.

Jane, 48, who works as a bus driver, said: “I could not believe it when I got to the car.

“They’d thrown a brick through the back window and then set fire the parcel shelf and back seats.

“Because of the panic, I did not have my phone on me and I grabbed a fire extinguisher but couldn’t get the pin out.”

The fire service arrived to extinguish the flames, and the police were called.

Although only the rear of the car was damaged, police advised the couple to write it off.

It is not the first time vehicles have been damaged along Sherwood Street after an elderly man’s vehicle was set on fire last year.

Despite this, the police told the couple they did not think the incident was linked.

Jane said: “The police seem to think it’s a random arson attack, and we’ve never had any problems, we just keep out selves to ourselves so we have no idea who has done this.

“It’s come at a really bad time, we’re moving house and my partner is really ill and I’m trying to keep the stress from him.

“I’m glad we’re moving, we just don’t feel safe anymore.”

Brian, 61, added: “We have no idea who has done this, I suppose you never know if you’ve upset someone or if it’s just kids.

“We’ve lived here since June and it’s been okay up until now.

“It’s the only car we have and we’re supposed to be moving so it’s bad timing.

“The only favour they have done us is that we were about to spend about £300 on it.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting reference number 41 from March 23.