Couple escape injury after car crashes into garden

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A couple enjoying the bank holiday weather were lucky to escape serious injury after a car overturned and ploughed through their fence as they sat in their garden.

Allan and Julie Elvidge were relaxing outside their home on the corner of Little Hollies and Holly Road in Forest Town on Monday afternoon when the vehicle smashed through the side fence of the garden, landing just yards from the shocked couple.

Julie (62) had gone inside for a moment at around 4.30pm when the accident happened.

She said: “My husband heard the squeal of the brakes then the next thing we knew it came crashing through. It was so loud.

“I’m still in shock, I can’t quite believe it. It was all such a blur.

“We have three small grandchildren and they had been playing football in the garden the day before. It makes you think.”

The blue car had been travelling along Holly Road when the driver lost control.

Allan (65) put his arm over his face as the car came through the fence after it sent debris flying across the garden. He suffered only minor cuts to his arm.

The passenger of the car was able to pull himself free from the wreckage, but Allan then helped the driver out and was able to get a safe distance as petrol began ‘pouring out’ of the engine.

The fire service was called out to make the area safe, the police cordoned off the road and the driver and passenger, both young men, were left in the hands of paramedics. Neither are thought to have suffered serious injury.

“They were both in shock I think,” added Julie.

“The police rang us later to say they were both okay - that’s the main thing. Everything else can be replaced.”