County’s roads are safer

Nottinghamshire’s roads are the safest since records began and the County Council says the casualty figures for 2010 show it has greatly exceeded Government road safety targets.

The Nottinghamshire figures for January to December 2010 have now been compiled and show that, compared with 2009, fatalities fell by 45% to 23 (with no child fatalities at all), serious injuries decreased by nine per cent to 370 and slight injuries by 17% to 2,207.

This means that all the Government targets to be met by 2010 have been greatly exceeded. The casualty reduction targets, based on average figures for 1994 to 1998, have been beaten as follows:

killed or seriously injured target – 40%; actual reduction – 50%

children killed or seriously injured target – 50%; actual reduction – 80%

slight injuries target – 10%; actual reduction – 35%.

The Council has achieved these targets with physical road improvements or lower speed limits where necessary and education such as children’s cycle training and the current ‘Fatal 4’ campaign, which is tackling mobile phone use, drink driving, speeding and failure to use a seat-belt.

The Government is expected to set new casualty reduction targets to be met by 2020.

Coun Richard Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: “Although any casualties are to be regretted, this is excellent news. The County Council works very effectively with the Police, City Council, Highways Agency, Fire & Rescue Service and others to co-ordinate a wide range of road safety measures and activities aimed at reducing casualties.

“These are closely monitored to find out what works well and, as demonstrated by these figures, they’re very effective. This is money well spent and shows what a planned, targeted approach can achieve.

“We all know that there is more to be done and we are committed to carrying on this vital work to bring casualty levels down even further.”