County council elections: Mansfield results announced


It's results day for the 2017 Nottinghamshire County Council election - and the results for Mansfield have just been announced.

Labour have lost two seats in Mansfield East to the Mansfield Independent Forum.

Vaughan Hopewell and Martin Wright were elected to represent the ward.

The candidates in bold have been elected for Nottinghamshire County Council.

Mansfield East

Alan Bell, Labour Party, 1,799

Colleen Harwood, Labour Party, 1,699

Vaughan Adrian Hopewell, Mansfield Independent Forum, 2,450 votes

Tom Hunt, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 112

Christopher Andrew Morris, Liberal Democrats, 357

Martin Wright, Mansfield Independent Forum, 2,695

Verified ballots: 4,997

Electorate 18,321

Turnout 27.27%

Mansfield North

Joyce Bosnjak, Labour Party, 2,557

Raymond William Forster UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,019

David Hamilton, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 848

Daniel Leslie Redfern, The Conservative Party Candidate, 1,924

Karen Rachel Mary Seymour, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 154

Clive Arthur Trussel, Liberal Democrats, 386

Parry Tsimbiridis, Labour Party, 2,143

Verified ballots 18,003

Electorate 5,142

Turnout 28.56

Mansfield South

Steve Garner, Mansfield Independent Forum, 3,075

Charles Ian Hammersley, Labour Party, 1,280

Darren Hunt, Labour Party, 1,268

Dean Malpass, Liberal Democrats, 235

Anita Prabhakar, Liberal Democrats, 166

Paul James Saxelby, The Conservative Party Candidate, 1,143

Philip Shields, Independent, 461

Andy Sissons, Mansfield Independent Forum 2,539

Verified ballots 5,485

Electorate 18,124

Turnout 30.26%

Mansfield West

Rebecca Suzanne Buck, Liberal Democrats, 416

Stephen John Crosby, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 1,116

Paul Nigel Henshaw, Labour Party, 2,124

Fran Loi, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 745

Diana Mary Meale, Labour Party, 2,110

Steph Stewardson, The Conservative Party Candidate, 1,474

Paul Tooley-Okonkwo, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 156

Verified ballots 4,611

Electorate 17,037

Turnout 27.06%


Don Brown, The Conservative Party Candidate, 566

Allan Dallman, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 282

Janette Smith, Liberal Democrats, 69

Andy Wetton, Labour Party, 1665

Verified ballotts: 2,585

Electorate 9,523

Turnout 27.14%