County celebrates National Liftshare Week

REMEMBER when petrol was 37p a litre? You could enjoy those days again simply by sharing your car with three other people.

That’s the message from Nottinghamshire County Council which is urging people to give car sharing a go as part of National Liftshare Week, taking place this week.

Car sharing – where two or more people travel together – allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of congestion and pollution.

The County Council uses the nationwide Liftshare website to host its own www.nottinghamshare.comcar-sharing scheme.

Under the scheme residents – both drivers and passengers – can register and search for potential car sharing partners in their area.

You can share a car for any journey: getting to and from work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival, event or show, getting to or from university, visiting friends or getting to the airport – the choice is yours!

The benefits of car sharing are that:

it saves you money

it reduces the number of cars on the roads -- resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems

it provides a real solution to the transport problems of rural areas

it gives employees and employers more transport options

it reduces the need for a private car

“The benefits of car sharing are numerous,” said Coun Richard Jackson, portfolio holder for transport and highways.

“It reduces traffic pollution, frees up parking spaces and lowers the stress of rush-hour traffic. It can also be an enjoyable social activity as it gives you a chance to make friends.”

The www.nottinghamshare.comwebsite includes a private group to allow registered users to find matches who are Nottinghamshire County Council employees and a public group licence which allows registered users to find matches who are registered with the wider scheme.