Count your blessings

An incident in Asda car park recently got me thinking. I was just entering the car park and had to wait no more than a minute or two to pull into a parking space while four or five cars went past.

In doing this I stopped a car from pulling out. The driver of the car started blasting his horn repeatedly and both him and his passenger were making gestures obviously wanting me to move (did they expect me to pull out in front of a line of traffic?)

If you go shopping on a Saturday morning three days before Christmas, isn’t it reasonable to expect to have to wait a little longer than usual? I feel we are lucky in this country that our supermarkets are heaving with food and we can fill our trolleys up to the limit of our budgets if we so wish. A friend of mine has an aunt and uncle who recently woke up to find their downstairs (including their Christmas tree and presents under three feet of flood water) and you don’t have to watch the news very long to hear very distressing stories from all over the world.

Even in Mansfield, the charity Framework is setting up a shelter for the homeless for the next 3 months. If you have a home, a car to drive and the health to be able to do so, you are lucky.

So please, for 2013, the couple that were in such a rush to get out of Asda car park, please take a breath, calm down, smell the coffee, look at the flowers and most important please count your blessings daily. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Mrs Dorcas Burnett,

Forest Town.