Councillors quit in row at Selston Parish Council

NMAC12-1467-2''Selston Council Offices and Community Centre
NMAC12-1467-2''Selston Council Offices and Community Centre

MORE than a third of councillors at Selston Parish Council are understood to have quit due to disagreements at the authority.

Though the exact nature of the disputes have not been discussed in the public domain, Chad understands that they centre on political and other disagreements.

Four independent councillors initially resigned from the council last month because of the problems, with four Labour councillors then also all quitting last week.

One of the independent councillors who has resigned, John Sewell, chaired a grievance committee meeting prior to quitting and said that it was during that meeting that the extent of some of the problems became fully known.

Mr Sewell said that he resigned because he did not consider that the council was ‘heading in the right direction’ and he ‘was just getting shouted down all the time’.

“It was pointless being there, quite frankly,” he added.

James Parry, one of the Labour councillors who resigned, confirmed that the Labour members had quit because of similar concerns to those raised by the other councillors who have stood down.

A spokesman for Ashfield District Council said that it ‘is aware of emerging issues’ at Selston Parish Council, some of which are not matters for it to sort out, but which need to be dealt with by the parish itself.

“The assistant chief executive is currently giving consideration to governance issues in respect of possible recommendations to the parish council,” he said.

Vacancies on the parish council will be advertised and can be filled by election or co-option onto the authority.