Councillors fight for clearer parking signs in Mansfield

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MANSFIELD councillors are lobbying highway chiefs to install better signage in the town centre to making parking rules clearer.

We previously reported in Chad how a woman from Church Warsop was given a parking ticket for using the bays marked ‘permit holders only’ with a blue disabled badge.

The spaces right in the centre of town are for ‘Special Access Permit’ holders only where those eligible get a green badge to display.

Councillors Derek Evans and Martyn Wright have taken up the issue with Nottinghamshire County Council as they feel the signage is unclear.

Coun Evans said: “From all the people I have spoken to, no one seems to have heard about a ‘green’ badge.

“I’m sure it wouldn’t cost too much to replace the existing signs or make them clearer.

“They should say ‘green badge holders’ only if that is the case.”

Co Coun Wright, who is a member of the transport committee, has spoken to chairman Coun Richard Jackson and is optomistic about improvements being made.

He said: “I told the chairman about the story in the Chad. It has been agreed that officers will look into the problem.

“I’m still trying to get a refund for the parking fine as well.

“A lot of the signage is controlled by central government but there may be a way around it. When people see the signs saying ‘permit holders only’, a blue disabled badge is a permit.

“It isn’t easy to find information about green badges.”

Blue badge holders with severe disability may be eligible for a green ‘special access permit’ which allow parking in the pedestrian area for a maximum of three hours.

For more information pick up a booklet from Mansfield Library or visit

Apply for a permit in writing to Central Processing Unit, PO Box 10282, Notts, NG17 0DX.