Councillor takes action and fixes road sign on ‘nasty bend’ himself

Coun Anderson putting up the sign
Coun Anderson putting up the sign

An Ashfield councillor has taken matters into his own hands after he fixed a fallen down road sign on a ‘nasty bend’.

Coun Lee Anderson an Ashfield District Councillor for Huthwaite fixed a chevron road sign on Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, which he said has been down for ‘at least three months.’

Coun Anderson did the ‘five minute job’ on Saturday, October, 21, after he was said he was ignored by Via East Midlands who run highways in the area on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

The chevron sign which had fallen off of its post is on a tight bend in between Strawberry Bank and The Woodend Pub, where there have been several incidents of cars coming off of the road.

He said: “Despite me having no formal mechanical training and no risk assessment carried out and despite this sign being reported many times I decided to do it myself. Think I will keep my spanner in my pocket.

“It is just another case where I have invited Via out and nothing has been done. There are dozens of things wrong with the roads in the village.

“It is a really bad bend, cars go through the hedge, so I decided to take action and make sure it is safe.

“It was a five minute job, what makes me mad is they have drove past it, they could have jumped out it is not a big job and it makes a big difference.”

Coun Anderson is now on a mission to fix all of the signs in Huthwaite.

He said: “From now on I will be patrolling the village with a spanner - any unruly signs will be straitened.”

Via East Midlands have been contacted for a statement and are yet to reply.