Councillor shrugs off watchdog rap

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Two Ashfield District Councillors have had their knuckles rapped over misconduct in a new council report.

The council’s standards sub-committee hearing investigated the actions of Coun Jason Zadrozny and Coun Gail Turner during two separate incidents.

It is understood Coun Turner, member for Selston, appeared before the committee after she was accused of failing to treat a council officer with the respect following a heated argument over a planning decision.

The report read: “While members have the right to hold officers to account for their performance, this was no excuse to justify her treatment of staff who were implementing a decision reached by members.”

Coun Zadrozny, member for Sutton North, was held to account over an argument with a union representative about a council decision to pay bonuses of £250 to staff paid under a certain threshold.

The sub-committee found that: “Coun Zadrozny’s actions in calling the complainant a disgrace went beyond reasonable criticism.”

Coun Zadrozny told Chad: “I can take this with a pinch of salt. I represent 10,000 people from the poorest area of Ashfield.

“And to get passionate about the council wasting a large amount of money - I would always wear that as badge of honour.”

Coun Turner was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.