Councillor scaremongering over street lights

IN reply to Coun Chris Winterton’s request that I apologise for voting in favour of turning off the Mansfield street lights (Chad 15th August).

I make no apologies for voting for the whole of the county council budget package, taking out one issue is tantamount to me saying that voting against the budget, as Coun Winterton did, was voting for an increase in council tax, no funding for Mansfield’s new bus station, no funding for the uplifting and renovation of the Red Oaks Day Centre, no funding for the uplift and renovation of the six remaining local authority care homes in the county and ironically, no funding for the replacement of street lights in 15 streets within Mansfield East and many more elsewhere in the town. Would you have voted against that?

With regard to local people being concerned about the prospect of the street lights being turned off, I say it’s the wannabe Police Commissioner, Coun Winterton, who is talking up this issue constantly and scaremongering.

I repeat the facts; in areas where the lights have been switched off or dimmed between midnight and 05.30, crime and accidents have not increased, according to Nottinghamshire Police statistics. Also, before any changes are made to any street lighting all concerned parties, residents, community groups, the police and councillors will be consulted.

All district councillors were sent a copy of a letter in July, sent to Mansfield District Council by the leader of the County Council on the subject of alterations to street lighting in Mansfield. It seems inconceivable to me that Coun Winterton was not aware of the letter’s existence when he wrote his letter to the Chad.

An extract said ‘I should be very surprised if the result of our consultation with Mansfield residents would result in changing from the current all night lighting’.

So there you have it, it cannot come from any nearer the top than that.

Martin Wright,

(Independent County and

District Councillor),


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