Councillor’s allowances: Eye-opener on spending

Nottingham County Hall
Nottingham County Hall
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Recently some of the news has been about councillors allowances.

They amount they receive is set by the Independent Remuneration Panel appointed by Nottinghamshire County Council.

On top of their basic allowance they receive special responsibility allowances, travelling allowances and subsistence allowances.

Many county councillors are self employed or employed, depending on what position they hold special responsibility allowance payments can be above £21,000 making a total of above £35,000 a year. That is more than a front line worker receives, that can’t be just. It is here that cuts should be made. Councillors have to be paid that’s the law.

But they should not be entitled to extra payments when in employment or self-employed.

I urge all Council tax payers to do what I do. Send for information regarding payment made to councillors, all it takes is a second class stamp or visit N.C.C.

It’s an eye-opener. In conclusion local authorities have spent millions of pounds of taxpayer’s cash on chauffeur driven cars, global jaunts etc. £440 million was spent on council credit cards. There are 140,000 corporate credit cards in circulation and roughly £1 billion is spent on them each year. Only just over half the cards are issued to central government employees, the rest go to local government, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal.

Mr G. Martin


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