Councillor expelled from Ashfield District Council meeting after swearing at opposition member

NMAC10-2465-2''Kirkby Ashfield District Council Offices
NMAC10-2465-2''Kirkby Ashfield District Council Offices

An Ashfield District councillor was expelled from the council chamber during a full council meeting last night for swearing at an opposition member.

Coun Jim Grundy, a Labour councillor for Hucknall, directed the obscenity at Coun Robert Sears-Piccavey, an independent, in the course of a heated debate on the controversial bedroom tax.

The issue had been raised by the submission of a petition by a member of the public, John Moore, calling for the council to adopt a no evictions policy to any Ashfield council tenant who gets into rent arrears as a result of the bedroom tax.

The petition also called for the council to help residents avoid the tax by reclassifying bedrooms so they are no longer bedrooms.

The Labour majority of the council did not support the petition, with Coun Warren Nuttall stating this was because of doubts over the legality of adopting such a stance.

This view was challenged by the opposition members.

During the ensuing debate, Coun Grundy clearly uttered the swear word.

Opposition members threatened to leave the meeting unless action was taken and after a short adjournment, Coun Grundy was asked to leave the meeting by chairman Coun Linford Gibbons.

The meeting then continued. Coun Nuttall put forward a motion condemning the tax and this was passed.

Chad is currently awaiting a statement from the council on the incident.