Councillor confident of Cuckney Hill camera plan

Speeding is one of the offences Derbyshire police want to reduce
Speeding is one of the offences Derbyshire police want to reduce

ONE of the key campaigners behind Chad’s appeal for speed cameras on the A60 Cuckney Hill is confident the work will be carried out.

About 1,500 people signed our petition for cameras to be added on the 2km stretch of road which has seen six deaths in the past six years.

Luke Winter (24) of Langwith was the latest person to be killed in August when the Citroen he was driving was involved in a collision with a Ford Fiesta.

His family and pregnant partner have backed calls for cameras to be installed between Church Warsop and Cuckney to prevent any more deaths in the future.

Warsop County Councillor John Allin, who handed the Chad petition over to County Hall at the end of September, conceded it is a ‘long drawn out process’ but thinks safety measures will be added.

He said: “The problem is, things like this take such a long time.

“The county council has to go through so many different channels, they have to speak with so many different organisations when looking to install speed cameras.

“They will then have to wait for them all to reply which can take a very long time.

“Unfortunately it is a very long drawn out process but it will get done, I do think they are trying their best to push this one through.”