Councillor calls woman a ‘left wing b*tch’ in Facebook spat

Sid Walker
Sid Walker

A controversial Mansfield councillor who was criticised for posting a ‘racist’ photograph online has been slammed after responding to one woman by labelling her a ‘left-wing b*tch’.

UKIP’s Sid Walker was derided by some but supported by others on Facebook after he published a photo of a toy spider wearing a turban with the title ‘Jihaddy Long-legs’.

But in the fallout that followed, Councillor Walker - who is the Newlands ward member - left the abusive message to one woman who objected to the photograph.

He said: “Your left wing tendencies are showing, you are really not worth talking to and I won’t bother replying to any more of your drivel.

“I think anyone reading this will have your measure. Thank you you left wing b*tch ang (sic) have a sleepless night.”

The message was later deleted, along with others he had posted in response to the spider photograph.

Coun Walker was elected to the council in May, and has since been made chairman of the council’s audit committee.

The Chad has tried to contact Coun Walker several times today, Monday, October 19, but has so far not been available for comment.

Meanwhile, Mansfield Labour Group leader Sonya Ward says she was ‘amazed’ by the comment.

She said: “As councillors people may often disagree with us, but that comes with the territory, and whilst it can be challenging, it is our duty to deal with that in a civilised and polite way.

“The council has a code of conduct which as elected members we all sign and agree to abide by.

“The very first point in this code is to treat others with respect. In this case, it appears that Councillor Walker has breached the code of conduct.

“I was amazed that an elected member communicated with members of the public in this manner. It calls into question his ability to engage with people fairly and sensibly and to fulfil his roles as the ward councillor for Newlands, and the chair of the council’s audit committee.”