Council wrestles with ‘data protection’ issues after 17,000 comment on homes plan

COUNCILLORS are calling for an urgent update on controversial plans to build 22,000 houses in York.

Eight months after consultation on the Draft Local Plan ended, Lib Dem councillors want to know when public comments will be published.

Councillor Ann Reid, Lib Dem spokesperson for planning, said: “Thousands of residents took the time to study the plans and respond to the consultation. It is ridiculous that eight months later these views have still not been fully published and the concerns raised have not been addressed.”

Martin Grainger, council head of planning, said the consultation resulted in 17,000 comments being submitted and comments by public bodies had been released in October.

He added: “With regard to the other responses, following legal advice regarding data protection, it was deemed necessary to remove all personal data. This is now substantially complete. In addition, to help anyone viewing this information officers have been working on a summary to help identify responses. This information will be uploaded to the council’s website and will be available before the end of April.

“During the consultation additional information on sites was submitted by landowners and developers. Before making any final decision on sites to include in the Local Plan the council would like to understand the public views on this additional information. Reports relating to this will be considered at the Local Plan Working Group and a special Cabinet in late April and this will be followed by public consultation. It is anticipated that a final draft of the Local Plan will be published for consultation mid-year and submitted for examination in autumn.”