Council vows ‘strong action’ on travellers

Ashfield District Council says it is “taking strong action” against travellers as yet another encampment was set up in the district.

A “significant number” of caravans have been on Sutton Lawn since Saturday, October 20, the second time since July that the park has seen an encampment.

Travellers on Sutton Lawn adjacent to properties on Bramley Court.

Travellers on Sutton Lawn adjacent to properties on Bramley Court.

Residents in the areas surrounding Sutton Lawn said they were “living in fear of anti-social behaviour” when the previous encampment arrived at the start of August, leading to tough action from Ashfield District Council to move them on.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, council leader, said he has learned from the previous encampments and will take a “no nonsense” approach this time around.

He said: “This council has had a long-running battle to protect our parks and spaces.

“This new encampment is incredibly disappointing and is the latest in a number encampments in the district.

“We are doing everything possible to deal with this, including working with other councils on intelligence to track traveller’s movements.

“We will continue to be tough on travellers and their adverse effect on our land and the disturbance they cause.

“We have contacted residents and are using our resources to support residents around the site and those affected by the encampment.

“We are liaising with a number of teams and neighbouring local authorities to identify the travellers and look at overarching orders that can be put in place to prevent reoccurrence on these two privately owned sites.”

The council is now working with Sutton Community Academy, whose land the travellers are on, to give the school advice.