Council tax to rise in Clipstone to pay for new community centre

Council Tax image for Action Desk
Council Tax image for Action Desk

Residents in Clipstone face an increase in council tax to help fund a new community centre in the area.

The parish council has applied for a £125,000 loan to buy the former GP surgery on First Avenue.

It would mean an increase in council tax of around £7.80 a year for properties in Band D.

The building will be used as a health and community centre.

A statement on the Clipstone Parish Council’s website said: “Clipstone Parish Council have applied to the Department for Communities & Local Government to seek the Secretary of State’s approval for a PWLB loan of £125,000 for a 10 year borrowing term to purchase a former Health Centre for use as a Community Centre.

“The annual loan repayments of £13,049 will come from our precept budget which will also include a parish precept increase of £0.15p a week for a Band D dwelling. This would be the equivalent increase of about £7.80 a year.”