Council tax freeze for Mansfield despite £2.8m shortfall

MANSFIELD District Council has set out its budget proposals for delivering a balanced budget in 2013/14, which includes a freeze on Council Tax.

The council needs to find £2.8m savings, mainly due to the continued reduction in Government grants, on-going reduction in income from car parking, reduced income from building regulations and low interest rates from investments.

A list of 50 potential efficiency and income generation proposals have been drawn up which will achieve the savings target and allow a Council Tax freeze for the third year in a row.

The council will receive a £59,000 Council Tax freeze grant from the Government.

Proposals include the building of up to 37 affordable rented homes, reducing allotment fees from £50 a year to £35 and refurbishment of three play areas - Oak Tree Lane, Rainworth and Manor Park.

Cabinet’s recommendations will now be considered by Full Council on 23rd January when the budget will be finally set.