Council scraps smaller waste bin plans

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Council chiefs have shelved plans to look into providing smaller bins to households to encourage more recycling.

Nottinghamshire County Council had suggested the proposals as part of their budget consultation, aimed at helping the council make savings of £77m over the next three years.

However, it was withdrawn the proposal following a consultation.

“We always knew that the proposal would be controversial and, indeed, it turned out to be the most unpopular idea in our proposals,” said environment chief, Coun Jim Creamer.

“We’ve listened to what people have said and recognise that this proposal caused genuine concern for households and there was little response from districts wishing to participate in the trial.

“However, we have to do something. It currently costs the council £20m a year for disposing of waste that is not being recycled and we want to involve the public in a debate on how to resolve this issue.

“Landfill really is a last resort – there’s no way back once it’s in your general waste bin.”