Council’s absence


I attended a funeral of a former councillor Eric Carter and I was very disappointed that there was not a representative from Mansfield district council in attendance.

Eric and I both served on Mansfield district council from 1983 till 2003, Eric was chairman of the personnel committee for fifteen years, serving the community.

I can remember when I was on the district council, when a former councillor died someone from the council attended to represent the council, no matter what party the former councillor came from.

I, when a councillor, attended many funerals of former members of the council including many of other parties, in recognition of their service to the district.

I found it very sad that the council could not see fit to send a representative to ex councillor Carter’s funeral after he had given all that time serving the people of Mansfield. I am quite sure that his widow would have appreciate the council recognising his service to the community.

Allan Mclean

Meden Vale