Council remains quiet over future of managing director

Ruth Marlow
Ruth Marlow

Mansfield District Council are refusing to confirm mounting speculation that the managing director of the council has left her position.

Ruth Marlow, who was also the returning officer during this year’s elections, is believed to be no longer at the Civic Centre.

Following inquiries to the council, it was simply stated that the highly-paid executive was ‘on leave’.

Asked if it could be clarified if she was on annual leave (holiday) or on gardening leave - whereby an employee continues to be paid but does not work their notice - no further details would be divulged.

Leader of the Labour Group on the council, Coun Sonya Ward, said she had also heard that Ruth Marlow had left her position, but could not confirm.

She added: “We (the Labour Group) have not been kept in the loop, but I would be surprised if she had left.”