Council pressurise town parking firm

FED-UP district councillors have agreed to write to a parking firm in Mansfield over its management of St Peter’s Retail Park.

Many Mansfield residents have been issued with fines afterfalling foul of the new ParkingEye system which records car number plates as they enter.

Previously, car park users needed to get a ticket and put it in their car to get 30 minutes of free parking but now the 30-minute period starts as soon as the car enters the car park.

If the car doesn’t exit within that time, then the registered keeper will be issued with an £80 fine, and anyone who pays to park and exits after this time has expired, will also be issued with a fine.

The system has angered some shoppers and has caused concern to local businesses who fear for its impact on the area.

During a Mansfield District Council meeting on Wednesday, members agreed to write to ParkingEye asking them to abandon the number plate recognition system and grant an amnesty to all those who have been issued with penalty charges.

Labour group leader Coun Martin Lee, who proposed the motion said: “This change of system has caused considerable problems for shoppers, particularly those with disabilities and families with children,” he said.

“The company is out to make a profit of the genuine mistakes made by shoppers.”

However Coun Kate Allsop said that ParkingEye should be applauded for clamping down on parkers who took advantage of the old system and said the company had obliged in returning money on appeal.