Council opposes closure of town centre post office

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Elected Mayor Kate Allsop is taking the Post Office to task over the proposed relocation of the White Hart Street post office in Mansfield to a space at the far end of WH Smith in the Four Seasons Shopping Centre.

As part of a stakeholder consultation, the Mayor has challenged the relocation stating: “The White Hart Street and Church Street area is a vital part of the town centre with many independent retailers who rely on footfall.

“The current location of the Post Office helps to maintain footfall in this area and supports those local retailers.”

Mayor Allsop also called for the Post Office to justify its business case and provide reasoning behind the proposed reduction in the number of counters from six to five and suggests that the move will make the service less accessible and visible on the high street.

She also has concerns over the future of the prominent building in the centre of the town’s heritage area.

“The current Post Office building is a focal point for the White Hart Street area of town and we would not want to see such a large property become derelict,” she said.

The council, stakeholders and members of the public have until 17 November to give feedback on the proposed move.

You can send a letter simply addressed to FREEPOST Your Comments, go online at or email

“I encourage as many people as possible to join in the debate and voice their concerns to the Post Office,” said the Mayor.