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Council names 35 potential new housing sites in Mansfield and Warsop

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More than 35 potential housing sites in Mansfield and Warsop have been identified by planners, with thousands of new properties needed over the next 17 years.

As part of Mansfield District Council’s new local plan, they estimate that 7,250 new homes should be built by 2033 to keep pace with the ever-increasing population.

Some of the sites identified are greenfield - where no previous developments have stood.

In addition, there needs to be 42 hectares of industrial land identified, 26,000 sq m of office space and 32,000 sq m of retail space found.

However, due to planning developments already agreed, including the well-publicised Lindhurst development, space for only 2,837 homes needs to be found and just 10 hectares of industrial space.

In a statement from Mansfield District Council, it reads: “The local plan consultation draft is the penultimate stage in mapping out what may be developed in and around the Mansfield area.

“The draft contains a vision and development strategy that will influence the distribution and allocation of residential developments, employment land, retail development in the town centre and the protection of green and open spaces.

“This strategy will determine policies for planning applications and decision making.

“The local plan is key to the future of the district - it impacts on all communities and businesses, which is why the council is encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in the consultation process.”

No decisions have been taken on where housing will eventually be built, and a six-week public consultation was launched this week.

A series of drop-in events and exhibitions are being held over the coming weeks in which people can have look at the proposals, discuss the matter with officers and councillors and leave comments.

Mansfield’s potential housing sites

- Former Mansfield Brewery site, Great Central Road, Mansfield, 60-90 homes.

- Former Mansfield General Hospital site, West Hill Drive, Mansfield, 45-55 homes.

- Spencer Street, Mansfield, 50-60 homes.

- Victoria Street, Mansfield, 40-50 homes.

- Abbey Primary School, Abbey Road, Mansfield, 50-70 homes.

- Broomhill Lane, Mansfield, 60-75 homes.

- Former Ravensdale Middle School, Ravensdale Road, Mansfield, 100-120 homes.

- Former Sherwood Hall School, Stuart Avenue, Mansfield, 80-95 homes.

- Helmsley Road, Rainworth, 75-100 homes.

- Former Victoria Courts Flats, Moor Lane, Mansfield, 45-60 homes.

- Bellamy Road Recreation Ground, Mansfield, 50-70 homes.

- Part of Broomhill Allotments, Mansfield, 25-30 homes.

- Clipstone Road East / Crown Farm Way, Mansfield 165-195 homes.

- Cox’s Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, 15-20 homes.

- Abbott Road / Brick Kiln Lane, Mansfield, 70-100 homes.

- Ladybrook Lane / Jenford Street, Mansfield, 75-105 homes.

- Meadow Avenue, Mansfield, 10-20 homes.

- Bilborough Road, Mansfield, 20-25 homes.

- Pump Hollow Road, / Newlands Road, Mansfield, 50-70 homes.

- Hall Barn Lane, Mansfield, 125-180 homes.

- Sandy Lane / Alcock Avenue, Mansfield, 20-25 homes.

- Sandy Lane / Garratt Avenue, Mansfield, 65-80 homes.

- Sandy Lane / Shaw Street, Mansfield, 35-45 homes.

- Sherwood Close, Mansfield, 15-20 homes.

- Ladybrook Lane / Tuckers Lane, Mansfield, 25-35 homes.

- Windmill Lane (former nursery), Mansfield, 20-30 homes.

- Sherwood Avenue, Mansfield, 230-270 homes.

- Debdale Lane / Emerald Close, Mansfield, 30-35 homes.

- Sherwood Rise (adjacent to QE Academy), 145-175 homes.

- Old Mill Lane / Stinting Lane, Mansfield, 145-200 homes.

- New Mill Lane / Sandlands, Mansfield, 115-160 homes.

- Radmanthwaite Road / Oxclose Lane, Mansfield, 315-375.

- Berry Hill and Penniment Farm - the council has already approved planning permission for 1,700 homes at Berry Hill, and 430 homes at Penniment Lane.

Mansfield’s potential industrial sites

- Anglia Way, Mansfield, 1.9 hectares.

- Ratcher Hill Quarry (south east), Southwell Road West, Mansfield, 2.1 hectares.

- Ratcher Hill Quarry (south west) Southwell Road West, Mansfield, 0.5 hectares.

- Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, 1.6 hectares.

- Sherwood Oaks Business ark, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, 2.7 hectares.

- Berry Hill and Penniment Farm - the council has already approved planning permission 17 hectares of employment land at Berry Hill, and 392,16 sq m of employment floorspace and 84 sq m of retail space at Penniment Farm.

Mansfield town centre retail development potential

- Stockwell Gate North, 16,500 sq m.

- White Hart Street, 3,895 sq m.

- Clumber Street, Mansfield, 2,000 sq m.

- Toothill Lane, 800 sq m.

- Handley Arcade, 150 sq m.

- The council also intends for 4,300 sq m of current vacant floorspace/shops to be brought back into use.

Warsop’s potential housing sites

- Wood Lane (Miners Welfare), Church Warsop, 30-40 homes.

- Sherwood Street / Oakfield Lane, Market Warsop, 30-40 homes.

- Stonebridge Lane / Sookholme Lane, Market Warsop, 225-270 homes.

- Sookholme Lane / Sookholme Drive, Market Warsop, 180 -225 homes.

Warsop’s potential industrial sites.

- Mansfield Road (former railway station), Market Warsop, 0.7 hectares.

- Oakfield Lane (land adjacent recycling depot), Market Warsop, 2.0 hectares.

Warsop’s potential retail sites

- High Street (land adjacent Crate and Grape pub), 200 sq m.

- Church Street (car park), Market Warsop, 300 sq m.

- Burns Lane / Church Street, Market Warsop, 300 sq m.