Council gritters gear up for another night

COUNCIL gritting teams will be out again on major roads and bus routes tonight, Monday 11th March.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s gritting team were out over the weekend, making two runs on Saturday and again the following day, as temperatures dipped below zero degrees on Sunday.

Forecasts suggest temperatures could drop to -6c overnight tonight, and there is a high likelihood of snow, but with no significant accumulation.

The Highways team will grit the major routes in the county again from 6pm this evening and monitor conditions through the night.

In terms of comparisons with 2012, Nottinghamshire County Council’s gritters were out five times in March last year, and four times last April – the final date being on 14th April, 2012.

The council’s 23 gritting vehicles will salt all A and B roads and main bus routes in a journey that takes them around three or four hours to complete.

Since gritting started last October, the county council has worked its way through 22,000 tonnes of salt this winter season. Supplies are constantly being replenished however and stocks across the Council’s highways depots currently stand at 16,000 tonnes.