Council grants up for grabs

COUNCIL chiefs are urging community groups in Ashfield to apply for grants.

Nottinghamshire County Council is offering a total of £81,000 to sports and arts groups, as well as to young sporting stars.

The council has £42,000 available in the Nottinghamshire Arts Fund, £23,000 in the Rising Stars budget and £16,000 in the Community Sports Fund.

One group which has already benefited from a £2,300 grant is community theatre group Hanby and Barrett which is staging a play about the Luddite movement in Ashfield.

The play, organised in partnership with Ashfield Fair Share Trust, is due to take place on 2nd June at Sutton Lawn and it will coincide with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

l For more details about any of the grants available, including deadlines, visit, and