Council failed to fix 'appalling' Teversal road five times

'Appalling' Buttery Lane.
'Appalling' Buttery Lane.

A serious accident is ‘just waiting to happen’ on an 'appalling’ village road, according to a resident who asked to have it fixed five times.

Richard Goad, aged 72, claims Teversal village has been “forgotten” by Nottinghamshire County Council, after trying to get the council to fix Buttery Lane, where he lives, for the last year.
Mr Goad who has travelled extensively in Eastern and Western Europe has said it would be hard to find a road in such a ‘bad condition’ as Buttery Lane, which runs from Skegby through to Teversal Village.
He said: “This road personifies the lack of interest that the council has shown towards the parlous state of the rural roads.
“This road is one of only three ways into Teversal and the one that visitors are directed to use by their SatNav.
"It's in such an appalling state, with extensive potholes, deep channels either side of the road and regular flooding, that a serious accident is just waiting to happen.”
“An unsuspecting cyclist or motorcyclist could easily be thrown from their bike. A car getting stuck in one of the roadside channels could have serious consequences for the driver.”
Mr Goad contacted his Nottinghamshire County Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, she said she spoke to highways about the problem. She said: “A lot of roads in the district are bad, I am pushing to get them fixed.”
Councillor John Cottee, chairman of the communities and place committee, at the council which has £20m additional funds to spend on roads over four years, said:“Our primary objective is to keep the roads in Nottinghamshire safe. We will be sending an inspector to Buttery Lane to identify any safety defects that will be repaired in due course. The condition will also be assessed to allow us to consider it for a future resurfacing programme.”