Council defends workmen who took just seconds to repair a pothole on a Huthwaite street

A council has defended workmen who took just 30 seconds to repair a pothole on a Huthwaite street.

A video posted by Huthwaite businessman Brian Tonks showed VIA workmen pour material into a hole outside his shop on Main Street and then drive away from the scene.

The work has received widespread criticism online, but Nottinghamshire County Council say the workmen were using the correct methods.

Mr tonks Tonks of Tonks 4x4 who shared the video on his Facebook site said: “It’s ridiculous - it is the second time they have filled the same hole in six months . they didn’t even pat it down - they just left it for cars and lorries to run over it.

“I can understand the need to do remedial repairs - but at what cost. “It should be more than just a temporary quick fix. they could at least roller it in. "

The hole causes a nuisance because it fetching stones up which hit customers cars parked outside the shop.”

A Nottinghamshire County Council Spokesperson said “Our main priority at all time is for the safety and serviceability of the highway network.

"As such, we react to highway defects such as this swiftly.

"The material that has been used in this video is Viafix, manufactured by Viatec, and is an easy to use and cost-effective material. “It provides a permanent repair with minimal manual handling and is ideal for quickly and efficiently addressing potentially hazardous defects on the highway.

" The material can be poured into a hole in any weather conditions and the overrunning of vehicles compacts it”.