Council coalition formed in Mansfield

Mansfield Civic Centre.
Mansfield Civic Centre.

A coalition has been formed between the two UKIP councillors and Mansfield Independent Forum on Mansfield District Council.

Formal notification was received by Bev Smith, acting head of paid service, today, Monday, August 3.

Official notification was also received today confirming that Coun Nick Bennett, who was re-elected in May as a Labour ward councillor for Kingsway, has joined Mansfield Independent Forum.

Coun Bennett left Labour at the full council meeting that took place on July 21.

The coalition now has the majority by one, in the 37 available seats.

Labour has 18 members, with Mansfield Independent Forum having 16, and UKIP having two.

The mayor, Kate Allsop, is also a member of the Mansfield Independent Forum.