Council acts on lunch club transport fears

Nottinghamshire County Council says it has listened to community luncheon club users concerned about paying a new £5 transport charge.

Older people who used to pay a £1 fare to get to their local luncheon club had been asked to pay an extra £4 per journey to cover costs when the Council set this year’s cost-cutting budget, in February. The Council had been challenged to find £87m savings in 2011/12.

But having heard the concerns of service users and providers, the Council has decided it would be fairer to subsidise a standard £2 transport chargefor all those attending luncheon clubs.

“We appreciate that older people’s budgets are being particularly stretched at the moment and we know howhighly many of them value their luncheonclubs,” said Coun Stuart Wallace, Deputy Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health.

“We can see the effect of thisprice reduction will go a long way,” he added.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve been freed upto take this step by the achievement of greater efficiencies than originally expected elsewhere within the Council’s budget.”

The new, lower transport charge will be introduced from 1st August.