Council accuses developers of 'finding a away around requirements' at a new estate in Clipstone

The land set for the development.
The land set for the development.

“Labelling something as anything other than a bedroom does not mean it will be used as that” so said Clipstone Parish Council’s chairman after objecting to the third stage of a large development’s plan.

Councillor Karl Beresford, Chairman, said he felt developers are trying to “find a way around requirements” after seeing upstairs plans of the homes for the “first time”.

The latest changes to plans for the next stage of the Emperor’s Court development off Cavendish Park, Clipstone, came before the council after Mansfield based developers Persimmon Homes proposed plot changes to 129 homes which would see two planned dwellings removed.

However, the parish council has objected to the plans on the grounds that some two bedroom homes had a study upstairs which the council said could be used as a third bedroom.

This came after the council received upstairs plans for the homes which they ‘did not have’ when the previous plans were approved last December.

Speaking at the parish council meeting Coun Beresford said: “Market the homes as two bedrooms with a study does not mean it will be used as that - they could be used as additional bedrooms and this way the planners get around the parking requirements.”

There were also concerns raised about highways and the amount of parking - stating that some garages were too narrow.

Belina Boyer, clerk to the council said: “Instead of having 91 two bed houses you potentially have 60 or so three bed houses - with additional cars that will come with them.”

A spokesman from Persimmon Homes Nottingham, said: “The proposed development will supply more than 120 much-needed affordable family homes for the community of Clipstone.

“An application has been submitted and the parish council has been consulted. The application will follow the due planning process and will be determined on its merits as a whole.”