Could reviled speed bumps on a Mansfield estate finally be flattened?

Shop owners on Ladybrook Lane want the speed bumps removing, pictured are shopkeepers Terry Cook and Kalpesh Bhatt
Shop owners on Ladybrook Lane want the speed bumps removing, pictured are shopkeepers Terry Cook and Kalpesh Bhatt

Moves could finally be made to remove speed bumps from a Mansfield street, and be replaced by average speed cameras.

Mansfield county councillor, Darren Langton has been in talks with the Highways Agency about removing the traffic calming measures from Ladybrook Lane.

There are more than 20 which are thought to have been in place since the late 1990s, but local traders fear the bumps - which are thought to damage the suspension of some vehicles - are being avoided by drivers and thus reducing passing trade.

They have been campaigning for a number of years to have the speed bumps ripped up, with a petition last year collecting in more than 455 signatures.

The council has since said it would cost £200,000 to remove them, but there are now renewed hopes

Roger Brown, who runs the barbers shop on Ladybrook Place said his trade has dropped by up to 50 per cent since they were first installed.

“People are sick to death of them, they don’t want to drive down here,” he said.

“I’m all for road safety, and have them around schools by all means, but not here.

“Everyone who lives around here is fed up.”

Terry Cook, who runs Morestore Discounts on Ladybrook Place agreed.

He said: “I don’t believe it’s anything to do with road safety, I think it’s the cost of removing them - there are people around here who would remove them for the council!

“I’ve had three vans in the time they’ve been here and the front suspension has gone on all of them.

“There are far better methods of traffic calming, they were a knee-jerk reaction to them in the first place.

“If they want to put average speed cameras in instead, bring it on.”

Mansfield West councillor, Darren Langton, is confident the move can go ahead.

He said: “Because we already have traffic restrictions in place, a lot of the work has already been done.

“Hopefully it will be a straightforward decision.

“There’s a general consensus around the business community is that it’s become an issue about damaging cars and it’s like a barrier for people entering the estate who try to avoid them.

“We want to create a route through that is easily passable but still has safety restrictions in place.”

If the decision was taken to remove the speed cushions, one would still remain near the junction with Armstrong Road and Ladybrook Lane, because of the nearby Intake Farm Primary School.