Coroner says exact circumstances of Clipstone man's death plunge remain a mystery

An inqest into the tragic death of a Clipstone man who died after he plunge from a hotel corridor in Ibiza while

Friday, 28th September 2018, 5:39 pm
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 6:42 pm
Callum Marriot (right) with friends and work colleagues

on holiday with friends heard mystery still remained over the exact circumstances.

Callum Marriot, 26, lost his life in an Ibiza apartment block in San Antonio in the early hours of August 6 2017.

Callum had been staying with friends at the Tanit apartment building when the tragedy occurred.

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At the inquest in Nottingham today , coroner Mairin Casey heard he had drunk alcohol and used MDMA and cocaine in the hours leading up to the fall.

The inquest heard Callum had been out with his friends at a Radio one Big Weekend at a venue called Cafe Mambo.

They had had a good time consuming alcohol and some controlled drugs some small pills believed to be ecstasy and later cocaine were used by the group.

Callum had felt unwell and had needed treatment by Spanish paramedics, who had given him water and medication in a medical tent at the venue.

He had appeared to be much better and alert and continued until the early hours looked after by his friends.

At around 3am Callum appeared to have gone away from the group and they assumed he had left to go back to the apartment.

At 4am on August 6 a security guard at the apartments was informed of a ‘loose dog’ in the building. He went to investigate and then heard a loud thud.

He found Callum on the floor of the open interior of the courtyard.

The coroner heard Callum did not have a key for the apartments and it was unclear how he had got inside. The lift up would have been lit but the corridor would have been dim. It appeared he had fallen over the wall which was waist height.

She said: “The mystery remains to us - we simply do not know what happened.” There was no cctv evidence.

A post mortem carried out in England gave the cause of death as multiple traumatic injury. there had been consumption of MDMA and the effects of recreational drugs and alcohol may be considered as of relevance.

DC David Beech who had liaised with Spanish police and gathered evidence from Callum’s friends said he had been told by the Spanish authorities there was no evidence of any suspicious circumstances.

He said Callums’ friends who had been traumatised by the tragedy had been candid in their evidence of what had a happened and their stories had matched.

The coroner said she was satisfied that Callum’s friends who had been in his company the entire week had enjoyed a happy time together.

There was no friction between them or suggestion of ill feeling or fall outs.

On the evening when they were with him and appreciated he was unwell he was not left on his own to find his way to the medical tent .

He had continued to socialise with them after the event leading them to be confident he was now well again.

He returned to the property and somehow entered .

“We don’t know how and we are also are aware the only security guard to provide a statement made reference to thinking there was a dog loose in the hotel. This could not be corroborated. Shortly after the guard said he heard a thud and discovered Callum.

She said: “It might be said that this is an accidental death but an accident is when we usually have more detail on exactly what happened. I don’t feel comfortable to call it an accidental death.”

She recorded a narrative verdict that Callum Marriot suffered traumatic injuries when he fell from the fourth floor of an apartment block where he was staying while on holiday

She added: “I share my sincere condolences . It is the tragic loss of life of a young man who was clearly having a happy time with his friends and his loss is immeasurable. I would I would like to thank Callum’s friends.

“Without their evidence we would have struggled to have any clear sense of what happened.”