Coroner records narrative verdict after death of Sutton man

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A coroner has said that she cannot be sure that a Sutton man intended to take his own life.

Graham Mark Williams, who was known to his friends and family as Mark, died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from a barbecue on 19th May this year, an inquest in Nottingham was told yesterday.

Nottinghamshire coroner Mairin Casey said that she was satisfied that Mr Williams had taken his own life but that she could not be sure that he had intended to kill himself.

The inquest was told that the 42-year-old had a history of depression and that he had been admitted to King’s Mill Hospital at the beginning of this year after taking an overdose of tablets.

However, Miss Casey said that he had not intended to take his life on this occasion.

Mr Williams later said that he was feeling ‘completely better’ and he stopped seeing his doctor about his mental health.

But some months later, Mr Williams’ relatives became concerned after he contacted them on Facebook. His brother called the police who went round to Mr Williams’ house.

Officers found the blinds at the property were pulled down, while the front door was locked. They entered through the backdoor and found that the room was filled with fumes and toxic smoke.

Mr Williams was found in a chair and paramedics later pronounced him dead.

Police confirmed that there had been no third party involvement or suspicious circumstances.

Miss Casey said: “Mark wanted to alert his friends and family and he went on Facebook and left messages. The police were called but tragically they were unable to intervene.”

Recording a narrative verdict, she said: “He took his own life by way of using a barbecue which caused carbon monoxide poisoning.

“But I cannot be satisfied that he intended to take his own life.”

She gave her sincere condolences to Mr Williams’ family.