Controversial vicar set for St Paul’s date

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Controversial Mansfield priest Rev Keith Hebden has been invited to preach at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The St Mark’s vicar and social justice campaigner will be speaking at the City of London venue on Sunday 30th November.

And Rev Hebden, who fasted for 40 days earlier this year to highlight food poverty, is not expected to shy away from controversy when he delivers his sermon during the Evensong service at the iconic landmark - designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

He told Chad: “St Paul’s Cathedral is a dramatic canvas for so much of public and religious life in Britain - from Thatcher’s funeral on the one hand, to the Occupy London protest camp on the other.

“London’s prime cathedral has not always been seen to be on the side of the oppressed and marginalised but I hope to draw attention to the fact that much of the Bible is about turning the world upside down and bringing those who are hidden, in society, out of the shadows.

“I will of course be talking about the inspirational people and communities that I’ve been involved with since I arrived in Mansfield. The city needs to hear the voices of the towns to the north and know that good news doesn’t always turn up in pin stripe suits.”

Last year Rev Hebden was given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay just £10 in compensation after breaking into RAF Waddington to protest about US drone strikes.”