Controversial Mansfield mayoral chains ban is lifted

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The chains of office are to be dusted down and worn once by the mayor again after councillors agreed a reversal of a controversial decision.

The mayor’s chains were infamously locked away after a decision was taken by Labour councillors in 2013 to prevent the mayor from wearing them during civic duties.

At the time, it was claimed they wanted the mayor to concentrate on running the town rather than ‘parading around in bling’.

Tony Egginton, who was mayor at the time, disputed the decision calling it ‘disgusting’ and ‘petty’.

But following a meeting of the new charter of trustees on Thursday, the decision was reversed, and new mayor Kate Allsop will be donning the chains once again.

Overjoyed by the decision, she hopes the matter will finally be laid to rest, saying: “They are where they should be and after this I don’t want it mentioning again (among councillors).

“The chains belong to the people and the people want to see them. It makes such an impression.

“If councillors have not got more important things to worry about than jewellery, something is very wrong.”