Consultancy fees: incredible waste

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Absolutely flabbergasted, indeed we all must be “not just the MP for Ashfield”- a £5m bill that the hospital trust spent on external management consultants in the last three years.

Yes taxpayer’s money, the same taxpayer’s money that was signed off by the last Labour government for the payday loan extortionate PFI contract that the taxpayers will be paying for until 2041.

Incidentally, that cost us about of £40million this year and will rise to £70m per year by the end of the contract in 2041, totalling £1.598m for a building whose base cost was £326m - Now that’s an astronomical flabbergasting waste of taxpayers money.

How many nurses could that employ in these austere times!

I am sure someone could calculate that mathematical equation.

Why is it politicians only highlight things that they want to highlight?

County Councillor

Stephen Garner

Mansfield South