Concerns over A38 ‘death trap’

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Ashfield residents are calling for urgent action to review safety on the A38, which is being described as a death trap for motorists pedestrians and schoolchildren.

Chad readers have voiced their concerns about the A38 into Mansfield after four accidents - one fatal - in as many weeks.

A five-vehicle smash at its junction with Sutton/Kirkby Road which ended in the death of a woman from the Chesterfield area on 17th July is still under investigation by the police.

Nottinghamshire County Council have proposed changes to the speed limit on one stretch of the road, which have been described as ‘bonkers’ by a councillor.

There have been calls for a reduction in speed limits, a rethink of the road layout and an extra road bridge for pupils and pedestrians and speed cameras.

Mother of two Donna Holding, of Kirkby Road, Sutton, said she was terrified that pupils crossing the A38 to get to Ashfield School were being put at risk by a combination of aggressive driving and the layout of the road, which encouraged it.

She said: “There is no way drivers are using that road at 30mph when the lights are on green.

“It is the national speed limit further down - you can’t get to 60mph and slow down, there is not enough space.

“They should put the speed limit down.

“I am always worried about that one person late for work who goes through the red light.”

Dozens of readers have written about their concerns on the Chad’s Facebook page.

Many blamed drivers who jockey for position and risk lives where the dual carriageway merges into one lane.

Amy Gardner wrote: “It’s not the road that is dangerous, it is driver error. The road returns to one lane far too quickly and people are just so impatient.

“Surely, wherever you are going isn’t worth dying for!”

Maria Williams added: “The speed should be reduced and better crossing facilities should be implemented, ie a bridge or underpass that is easy to use.”

Others said there is not enough of a time delay on the traffic lights turning right from the Sutton direction to the A38.

Coun Jason Zadrozny said: “Nottingham County Council Highways are going to review the speed limit on the A38 from King’s Mill Hospital to the Fox and Crown.

“The proposal is to increase the speed limit which is bonkers.”

Gareth Coles from Nottinghamshire County Council’s highway safety team said the County Council has recently completed a public consultation on reducing the speed limit from 60mph to 50mph along the A38 between Orchard Way and King’s Mill Hospital and moving 30mph limits inside the residential roads.

He said he hoped the measure would create a more consistent speed limit along the length of the A38 and strengthen the message to drivers turning off into the residential areas.

Additional highway improvements on the A38 this year include resurfacing and improvements to the drainage system.

He said the council would be looking carefully at all consultation responses before making a decision.