Concern raised over state of Huthwaite cemetery

NMAC12-1649-3''Huthwaite Cemetary
NMAC12-1649-3''Huthwaite Cemetary

COUNCIL chiefs in Ashfield say that staffing levels will be increased to help keep the district’s cemeteries clear and tidy.

The reassurance comes after concerns were raised about overgrown grass and plants at Huthwaite Cemetery.

A Sutton resident, who has several relatives buried at the Sutton Road cemetery, says that the paths have disappeared in some areas because they have become so overgrown with grass.

He says that there are weeds and that parts of the site look ‘a complete mess’.

And he added that abandoned graves have turned to rubble with self-seeding plants growing on some of them.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “I try to maintain my relatives’ graves but you have got some families who have moved.

“I met a man from Edinburgh and he was looking for his relatives - he couldn’t believe it when he saw the grass.

“I know families move away but it’s not good enough.

“More should have been done to keep on top of the plants that have self-seeded.”

He also complained about the poor state of some of the cemetery’s benches.

“If it’s no good let’s have it gone,” he said.

“I just feel sorry for the people who have got families here.”

Yesterday, a spokesman from Ashfield District Council council said that the authority hires agency workers in the summer to help with the increased workload.

It is currently in the process of recruiting four more permanent employees, with two set to focus on Huthwaite.