Compromise over athletics track

I AM writing as a concerned parent and local resident with a young adult son who has been a member of Mansfield Harriers and Athletic Club for the past 13 years. James is an accomplished athlete and long distant runner and has thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this club, which is mainly run by volunteers and parents. He has been representing Mansfield the length and breadth of the UK, sometimes at a great expense to ourselves.

Obviously I do not know the politics or differences between Mansfield District Council and the Trustees of Berry Hill Park, but I understand Harriers have been expelled from using the park from November. How very sad in this great year of the Olympic success of our local athletes. Can’t a compromise be reached?

Any club, be it athletics, football, cricket etc can surely only be a good thing for children of all ages, keeping fit and being in the fresh air.

What, if anything, will happen to the running track and facilities at Berry Hill? Surely differences could be settled, agreements made and kept to, and these young children and young adults of all ages can be encouraged and supported.

My son is presently studying in America until next summer and obviously this does not affect him at present. If the club does have to move premises James is a young man and can drive to go to places. What about all the younger children and future generations? Why take away these facilities from all the local youngsters? Teresa Mee,

Leeming Lane South,

Mansfield Woodhouse.