Community News - Woodhouse

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Trinity Methodists

During the week, the Young People of the Church have been prepinge for their pantomime. Last Monday week the Home Fellowship Group met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh. The fellowship was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer. On Wednesday morning the Toddler Group met in the Schoolroom, followed in the afternoon by the Bright Hour. Mrs Joan Walters was in the chair, and speaker was Andrew Shaw, from St Edmund’s Church. He accompanied the singing during the afternoon, on his guitar. Last Friday morning, the Rupert Group met at the home of Joyce and Steve Cree, and was led by the Rev Rodney Warden. A coffee morning on behalf of the Bible Society, took place on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning, the Remembrance service was conducted by the Rev Barbara Greenwood.

St Chad’s Church

Last Sunday week, residents and members of the congregation, joined with representatives from the political parties, police and 4th Mansfield Woodhouse Scout Group, for the Remembrance Service, which began at the Cenotaph in Pleasley Vale. The service was conducted by the Rev Allan Scrivener, and wreaths were placed. The Last Post was played by Alex Peck. Scouts led a parade, with drums and bugles, back to the church for a short service, led by the Rev Allan Scrivener, and a reading was given by Irene Stubbs.

Triangle Group

Last Thursday week, 21 members attended the meeting at Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected subscriptions, and Joan Davies chaired the meeting. Refreshment hostesses were Doreen Makings and Jean Lilley. Raffle winner was Janet Houldsworth. A donation has been sent by the group to the John Eastwood Hospice, in remembrance of past members.

St Edmund’s Church

The Remembrance Service was led by the Rev Allan Scrivener, assisted by Irene Stubbs. Sidesmen were Linda Dean, Susie and Marilyn, and a reading was given by Irene Stubbs. Organist was Bess Wright. The 6.30 Communion service was conducted by the Rev Janice Dewhurst. Sidesmen were Ruth Greaves and Maud Jarvis, and Jean Taylor gave a Bible reading. Dave Colclough assisted with the chalice, and prayers of intersession were led by Andrew Shaw. David Watson was organist.

The Christadelphians

At last Sunday week’s service, at the Church of the Brother’s and Sisters in Christ, Karem Ram spoke on the subject ‘Come Follow Me’, and an introduction to his talk was read by Carol Burton. His afternoon talk was introduced by a reading by Rosanna Stanley. President was James Clark, and musicians were John Bennett on the organ, and Tony O’Connor on guitar. Last Wednesday week, Margaret Bennett led the Tots and Toys Group. The Bible Class was conducted by George Sobcynski.