Community News - Woodhouse

Trinity Methodists

Last Monday week, members of the church attended the Church Council meeting. Wednesday Bright Hour were visited by Mrs Bette Spademan, who gave a testimony of her life. Mrs Wyn Sansom was chairman, and Mrs Bettee Spademan accompanied the singing on the piano. Holy Communion, last Sunday week, was conducted by the Rev Barbara Greenwood. Bible readings were given by Russ Walters and Heather Hall. Stewards were Mrs Sharren Richards and Mrs Mary Marsh. Organist was Mr David Richards.

Peafield Church

Sunday morning service was conducted by Ian Munro. Mrs Joan Hobson led the prayers. A Bible reading was by Margaret Munro. Refreshments were by Beryl and Bill Blagg.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday week, the congregation celebrated the Feast of St Luke. The service was conducted by the retired Rev Clive Andrews. Sidesmen were Pat Eadson and Hilda Flanagan. Bible readings were by Maud Jarvis, Andrew Shaw and Irene Garrett. Irene Garrett, Gloria Townsend and Ken Gleadall assisted with the chalice. Prayers of intercession were led by Ken Gleadall. Coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Irene Garrett and Maud Jarvis. The evening healing service was led by Kate Colclough. Bible readings were by Beryl and Bill Blagg, sidesmen. The organ was played by the church’s new organist, David Watson, who will take over from Bess Wright when she retires at the end of November.

Brothers, Sisters

Preacher, Jack Fitsgibbons’ theme was ‘Devoting our Lives to God’. He took a reading from John ch. 200, which was read by Anne Clark. The theme of the breaking of bread service was ‘Jesus, the absolute reason for the whole of creation’. The closing prayer was given by Terry Mansell. Musicians were George Sobcynski on the organ, Anthony Slyn and Tony O’Connor on guitars. Steward was Maurice Trynor. Last Wednesday morning, the Tots and Toys group, was led by Margaret Bennett. The children played with jigsaws and play dough, the trampoline, slide and see-saw, and made sticky pictures and cut out on the craft table. On Wednesday evening, the 1st Steps Bible Class took place. Margaret Bennett gave a Character Study of Abigail.