Community News - Warsop

Probus Club

President Hugh Ashton welcomed members to the Parish Centre on Wednesday week when Malcolm Mumford gave a talk entitled ‘What’s That Then’. He produced a large collection of gadgets made from various materials which were 100 years old and asked what they were and what they were used for? These included items made by blacksmiths, farmers, foundries and ordinary people to make life a little easier for themselves. Afterward 27 members sat down to lunch.

Saturday Dance Club

MC at Saturday week’s meeting at Woodside Hall was Mr D. Salt and finance was organised by Mrs J. Mallett. Refreshments were provided by Mr Britnall on the occasion of his birthday and were served by Mr and Mrs T. Pearson, Mr and Mrs D. Niblett and Messer’s R. Hill. K. Wake and D. Freeman.

St Augustine’s Church

The celebrant at Sunday weeks Holy Communion was Canon Richard Kirton and the preacher was Mrs Jane Skidmore who also assisted with the chalice.


Met on Wednesday week when they went on a night hike from Holbeck to Warsop via Cuckney using recently learnt map and compass skills. Mr C. Porteous and Mr l. Smith assisted.


Met on Thursday week when they visited the Mines Rescue Station in Mansfield Woodhouse. They were shown a short film of the history of mines rescue, and had a tour of the station and the vehicles stationed there as well as visiting the underground training tunnels. Tamsin Coupe said her cub promise and was invested into cubs in the training tunnel. Mr A. Melless, Mr I. Taylor and explorer scout Lorna Sheppard accompanied them.

Organ Society

A concert was given by guest organist Ian House at Thursday weeks meeting at the Parish Centre. A raffle was organised by Mrs Sue Baines and Hostesses were Mrs J. Davies and Mr and Mrs M. Parkes.

Age Concern

Met yesterday week at Friendship House for lunch and a game of bingo. During the week volunteers staffed the café and charity shop.

Tuesday Club

Members met at Woodside Centre yesterday week. Hostesses were Mesdames K. Betts, L. Bown, M. Siven, E. Murtagh and B. Rudd. Table games were organised by Mrs L. Bown. Sweep winners were Mrs P. Lea and Mrs E. Birks. Whist was organised by Mrs P. Lea and the winners were Mr J. Allan and Mr D. Mytom.


Visited Warsop Parish Church on Thursday week to complete their faith badge work, The Rector, the Rev Angela Fletcher told them about the service which took place there and about the different furniture used in the church. Miss K. Howard accompanied them.

Rotary Club

President Roger Wright welcomed 23 members to Thursday weeks meeting at the Hostess Restaurant. Speaker was Mrs Paddy Holden President of Warsop Ladies Probus Club who gave a talk about her daughter Mary who was born blind and who has also developed cerebral palsy, and the barriers and issues she has overcome to be independent. The final amount raised for the Rotary Bonfire was £910.

St Teresa’s RC Church

Celebrant at Sunday week’s Mass was Father Simon Gillespie who also gave the Homily. The reading was given by K. Payne and Eucharistic Ministers were F. Barrett, M. Booth and A. Burgin. Children met in the church hall for activities before joining the main service at the offertory. On Wednesday week the prayer group met in the Church Hall. On Wednesday Mass was celebrated for Presentation Day followed by light refreshments in the church hall.

Parish Church

Celebrant at Sunday week’s early Holy Communion was Canon Richard Kirton and the preacher was Mrs Jane Skidmore who also assisted with the chalice. At the later service the Rector the Reverend Angela Fletcher was the celebrant and Mrs Skidmore preached and assisted with the chalice together with Mrs Sue Richards. The lesson was read by Mrs Gloria Humphrey and intercessions were led by Ken Johnson. Prayer Ministry was led by Mrs Ann Brookes and Tony Hague and the choir led the singing. Yesterday week volunteers staffed the Cross Keys charity shop and café at the Parish Centre.

Methodist Church

Sunday week’s morning service was conducted by Mrs B. Whitwick who also preached.