4th Rainbows and 5th Brownies

Sunday, 23rd March 2014, 9:10 am
Community News

At Wednesday week’s meetings experiments found that a marbling effect on paper could be produced by mixing food colouring, oil and water. Leaders were Jane Johnson, Claire Leivers, Katie Cudworth, Millie Coope, Jan Wells and Michelle Cook.

St Modwen’s Ladies

At Wednesday week’s meeting at Magdalene Centre John Whitehead spoke about using humour when preaching. Raffle winner Suzanne Knowles and Cindy Carter served refreshments.

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Electronic Organ Soc

At March’s meeting at St John’s Church Brett Wales, of Bestwood, played rock ‘n’ roll, classics and Sinatra and James Last music on a Wersi organ.

Ashfield Floral Arts

Chairman Doreen Marriott opened March’s meeting at Ashfield Play Forum. Linda Smith, of Nottingham, gave a demonstration called The Italian Job. Pam Turner gave a vote of thanks.

Sutton Centre

At Under Fives’ Playgroup activities about favourite characters included using recycled materials to make model crowns and seals. Children had a Spiderman-theme den and a drama about Cinderella. They drew pictures of heroes and princesses, made a ‘magic potion’ and had a fancy dress party. Items were frozen in ice and children used tools to get them out. Other activities included making bread, throwing and kicking a ball and practising using scissors. Ladybird certificates were given to Seerap Kaur and Billie-Ray Kelly. Mia Denton celebrated her fourth birthday.


The Minister, the Rev Colin Bones, conducted Sunday week’s service. Mrs Helena Wain was organist and vestry steward Mrs Crystal Gibson also gave a reading. Door steward Mrs Ellen Hartshorne also arranged flowers in memory of Nellie and Dennis Townsend. Communion stewards were Mrs Elspeth Clunie and Mr Bill Gibson. Elouise Lake and Rosie Stone took the offertory. Mrs Jackie Stone led family church.

Salvation Army

On Thursday week Jenni Ross led Bible study. Cynthia Densham and helpers ran Saturday week’s afternoon tea. On Sunday week Lt Matthew Brown led both meetings. Helen Waters, Lt Brown, Andrew Salmon and Alan and Margaret Wright led Little Treasures’ parents’ and toddlers’ meeting on Monday week.

Zion Baptist Church

Sunday week’s worship was led by Helen Tomlinson and the worship team. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Speaker was Colin Sedgwick and Helen Tomlinson read Psalm 33, verses one to three. Xtreme Sunday School was led by Lucy Chalk and Matt and Helen Tomlinson.

St John’s Church

On Thursday week there was a WeightWatchers’ meeting. Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. Sunday week’s morning worship was led by Mr John Whitehead. Mrs Sue Otter operated the clavinova and reader was Mrs Margaret Cosford. Junior church was led by Vicky Young and Janine Burton. Refreshments were served by Mr and Mrs P. Rhodes. Mr Barrie Smith led evening worship and Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova. Stewards for the day were Mr Gordon Bestwick and Jill Moakes.On Monday week there were meetings of Ashfield Childminders’ Association, a Pilates class, Girls’ Brigade, Sutton Choral Society and the vision team. Yesterday week there was a carers’ and toddlers’ group session and a zumba class. Mrs Sue Stamenkovic led a Lent study group. Last Wednesday there was prayer, meditation and a ramble and art and keep fit classes.

Community of Christ

Peacemakers Youth Group members had cooking last Tuesday week arranged by Barbara Woodhouse helped by Helen Kemp and Marianne Rowe. Ralph and Hazel Holmes hosted the women’s group meeting at their home. The theme was A Look at the New Hymnal. Ralph Holmes played piano and members learned new hymns and sang old favourites. Hazel Holmes provided refreshments. There was a coffee morning and nearly new sale on Wednesday week and a youth activity in the evening. On Saturday week there was a children’s games morning. Believe in Christ, was the theme for Sunday week’s family worship led by Simon and Penny Holmes. Music was provided by pianist Jenny Proctor and flautist Penny Holmes. Casper Holmes lit a peace candle and collected the offering. Afterwards members had a pot luck lunch.

4th Guides

Members had party planner badgework and games at Monday week’s meeting. Leaders were Liz Belshaw, Trish Baines, Joanne Betteridge and Kay Hawley.

Aspley Court

At yesterday week’s meeting card bingo winners were Nelly Bramley, Joyce Gregory, Sheila Wood, Gwen Flook, Beryl Nichol, Beryl Thompson, Barbara Bunkle and Katherine Freeman. Members played bingo after lunch. Game winners were Barbara Bunkle, Gwen Flook and Dorothy Jones.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mrs V. Morrison and Mr A. Morrison. Game winners were Mesdames J. Mansfield, D. Goddard, E. McKee, Morrison, E. Hill, P. Lovatt, R. Franks, M. Brain, J. Connah, B. Rudhall, P. Dykes, J. Gregory, B. Toon, J. Swain, M. Johnson and M. Rolley and Messrs M. Wood, D. Franks, Morrison and J. Moore. Raffle winners were A. Morrison, D. and M. Johnson, D. Goddard, B. Rudhall, E. Hill, P. Lovatt, J. Connah, W. Harris, M. Rolley, J. Gregory, J. Mansfield, J. and M. Wood, E. Lovatt, E. Pickering, M. Brain, C. Stevenson, M. Barsby, B. and A. Reddington, D. and H. Mitchell, J. Swain, E. McKee and P. Dykes.

New Cross Church

The Rev Mary Foden-Currie celebrated Wednesday week’s Holy Communion. Hilary Bostock led Pins and Needles Group’s meeting and Thursday week’s card craft class. On the Wednesday there was a Mothers’ Union meeting. Alpha Course meetings were held then and on Monday week. Members of the glee dance and drama groups put on a production of Oliver! on the Thursday and on Friday week. June Bagley led MINGLE Group’s meeting. The Rev Frank Crowther celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion. Nick Biggar led morning worship which included a baptism. Youth team members arranged 11 Alive service. Greeters were John and Anthea Calladine. Steward was Bernard Brown and reader was Pat Webb. Derek Smith took the offertory, with Anne Acton, and served refreshments, with Eunice Wright. There was a Mothers’ Union toddlers’ group meeting on the Monday and a community choir practice, yesterday week.