Community News - Sutton

Floral Art Club

Secretary Mrs Mary Keeling opened October’s meeting at Ashfield Play Forum. Elizabeth Bishop, of Sheffield, south Yorkshire, gave a demonstration called Love Is In The Air. Linda Stockton thanked her and the demonstrations were raffled.

St Modwen’s Ladies’ Guild: At Wednesday week’s meeting at Magdalene Centre Trevor Lee gave a talk with songs called I Would Like To Be Beside The Seaside. Beryl Offler was raffle winner and Jill Heathfield and Maureen Gillen served refreshments.

Third Brownies

At Thursday week’s meeting members played traditional Guiding games and sang campfire songs for Brownie traditions badgework. Leaders were Liz Guy, Gemma Trueman and Angj Brooks.

Fourth Brownies: At yesterday week’s meeting members used fabric paint, sequins and different textured materials for craftwork about Brownies, friendships and the Promise. The pieces they made are to be sewn together to form a wall hanging to display at the Brownie Hut. Leaders Catherine Graves, Tina Duncalf and Claire Nelson were helped by Young Leaders and Guides.

St Mary’s Church: The Vicar, the Rev David James, presided at Sunday week’s Eucharists for harvest and preached at the early service. At later sung Eucharist junior church leaders led intercessions and give a presentation about harvest. At midday’s service the vicar baptised Declan Wall and Alfie Brown.

Zion Baptist Church

Sunday week’s worship was led by Helen Tomlinson and the worship team. Testimonies were given by Michelle Hutchison and Martin Weston. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Speaker the Rev Robert Allen’s theme was Light of the World. At Eastside Centre last Monday week SureStart had a session and WNC (West Nottinghamshire College) ran a course. There was an Early Start meeting last Tuesday week. On Wednesday week there was a WNC course and an Activity Club meeting. On Thursday week there were meetings of Kerry’s Can Can Club and junior and senior youth clubs. There was a SureStart session on Friday week.

United Reformed Church: Mr Bill Blackamore led Sunday week’s service. Organist was Mrs Helena Wain and reader was Mr Ivan Smith. Mr Bill Gibson was vestry steward and Mrs Elspeth Clunie was door steward. Mrs Ellen Hartshorne arranged flowers in memory of Miss Kathleen Smith. Daniella Budd, Lauren and Abbie Ellis and Jessica Ross took the offertory. Mrs Rachel Ross led family church. The Minister, the Rev Colin Bones, chaired Monday week’s elders’ meeting. The church’s gift day raised £3,490 for funds.

Sutton Centre

Activities at Under Fives’ Playgroup included using matchsticks and clay to make models including ones of hedgehogs. Children did experiments about floating and sinking, made tortilla wraps and did leaf printing. They made and flew kites and had a puppet show called Farmer, Farmer Who Do You Hear? Birthday greetings were given to Amelia Adams and Darcey Green-Wright. Evie Lakin and Jude Halliwell were given Ladybird certificates for good behaviour.

Salvation Army

Major Peter Disney and Janet Sawyer led Wednesday week’s over 60s meeting and with Sylvia Linnell served meals at the lunch club meeting. Sunday week’s morning service was led by Maj Dawn Disney and the evening meeting, by Maj Peter Disney. Maj Dawn Disney led Monday week’s parents’ and toddlers’ meeting.

Fourth Rainbows and 5th Brownies: At Wednesday week’s games evening leaders were Jane Johnson, Katie Cudworth, Charlotte Williams, Milly Coope and Jan Wells.

Community of Christ

Last Tuesday week Marianne Rowe arranged a ‘mini Olympics’ at Peacemakers Youth Group’s meeting. Mary Walters arranged a quiz night at the women’s meeting. Celia Roddis led worship and Betty Fowler served refreshments. At Wednesday week’s coffee morning nearly new goods were on sale. There was a Performing Art Workshop in the evening. On Sunday week members attended the British Isles Conference at Birmingham Community of Christ. During the day there were worship and business sessions. The minister at the final service was Apostle Richard James, of Cardiff.

Fourth Guides

Monday week’s games evening was led by Liz Belshaw and Nikki Walton.

Aspley Court

At yesterday week’s meeting game winners were Beryl Nicoll, Mary Armstrong, Brenda Rudhall, Dorothy Papworth, Joyce Gregory, Joanna Crump and Joan Ellis. Birthday cards and gifts from the club were given to Joan Ellis, Brenda Rudhall and Mary Armstrong.

St John’s Methodists

Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. The Rev Adrian Smith conducted Sunday week’s morning service and celebrated Holy Communion. Mr Jeff Moakes read a lesson and Mr Bryn Hughes played the clavinova. Mrs Julie Berry led the evening service. Stewards for the day were Mrs Ann Cope and Miss Jill Moakes. On Monday week there were meetings of Ashfield Childminders’ Group, Monday Christian Group, Girls’ Brigade and Sutton Choral Society. Yesterday week there was a carers’ and toddlers’ group session and a zumba class. There was an art class at the community room last Wednesday. Mr Howard Copley, of Rotherham, south Yorkshire, was speaker at the Bible Society meeting. His talk was called China – The Untold Story. The Minister, the Rev Alan Boyd, chaired a church council meeting.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mr M. Wood and Mrs J. Connah. Game winners were Mesdames J. Mansfield, E. Moore, D. Mitchell, J. Wood, P. Dykes, E. McKee, Connah, T. Lovatt, M. Johnson, B. Rudhall, V. Morrison, J. Gregory, C. Stevenson, A. Ball, E. Pickering, M. Pitchford, W. Harris, I. Leach and J. Spiby and Messrs H. Straw, Wood, J. Moore, E. Lovatt, D. Johnson, A. Saysert and A. Morrison. Raffle winners were Mesdames Rudhall, Johnson and Woos, Mr Johnson and Mr Morrison.

New Cross Community Church: The Vicar, the Rev Tim Mitchell, celebrated Wednesday week’s Holy Communion. Mothers’ Union had a meeting and a committee meeting. The vicar and Adrian Self led a Life Is For Living course. On Thursday week Hilary Bostock led a card making group meeting. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting. Jane Selby led the children’s glee dance club, and there was a Life Is For Living meeting. There was a children’s breakfast club meeting on Saturday week. The Rev R. Ward celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion. Youth team members organised 11 Alive service. There was a worship and games evening. Greeters were Adrian and Jayne Self and steward Bernard Brown gave readings with Jayne Self. Derek Smith took the offertory, with the Rev Frank Crowther, and served refreshments with Joyce Handford. On Monday week Norma Mitchell and Julie Cotterill organised a toddlers’ group meeting. Jane Selby led a drama group meeting. There was a community choir practice yesterday week.