Community News
Community News

Holy Trinity

The Rev June Palmer led a Holy Communion service and read the Gospel on Sunday week. Rev John Draycott was the celebrant and gave the sermon which was based on, ‘Not to worry’. Mr Ian P. Hill administered the chalice and gave a Bible reading. The bread and wine were taken to the altar by Mr Andy Tracy and Mrs Helen Hornsby. The collection was taken by Lynn Zhang and Zi Qing Chen. Refreshments were served by Mrs Noreen Maynard.

Salvation Army

Maj Ina Neill led yesterday week’s Home League members meeting. Ladies practiced a sketch which is to be performed at the forthcoming Home League annual dinner. Ladies also sang, listened to music and had Bible readings. Volunteers served at four coffee mornings and in the charity shop. Jean Leadbeater led the Friday week Sunshine Club members meeting when she took as her theme, ‘The Winter Olympics’. Members also looked at illustrations of angels that had captions written by children. JAM Club was led by Maj Ina Neill, Jean Leadbeater and Marian Hicks. Children talked about slavery, played dominoes and discussed why it’s wrong to cheat at games. At the Sunday week Salvation meeting a short film about the work of the Salvation Army abroad was shown ahead of Self Denial Week. Monies collected during the week will be used to support the work of the Salvation Army in Mozambique, Pakistan, Ghana, South America (East) and Finland. Maj Neill spoke about, ‘The Coming of the Holy Spirit.’ The Messengers group members sang.

Leisure Centre

Abs Blast followed by Kettlebells sessions on Wednesday week morning were led by Lina Harris. Danny Butler led the Boxing Circuits and R.P.M was with Nick Simpson on Wednesday week evening. Further information on all sports sessions 748313.

Self Help Group

A room was prepared ahead of the members meeting at Shirebrook Village Hall on Wednesday week by Diane Graves, Dorothy Creswell and Sylvia Garton. Gill Mee welcomed members, collected subscriptions and called the bingo. Members held a table top raffle, played a game of ‘Sticky 13,’ and took part in a general knowledge quiz where somehow Shirley Creswell scored 11/10! Refreshments were served by Nora Simmons, Sylvia Garton, Shirley Creswell and Janet Edson.

Christian Centre

Richard Gray welcomed visitors to the Nite-Lite drop in session on Wednesday week. The Coffee Brooke café was open on Thursday week and Friday week mornings. Anthony Lyons led the last numeracy and literacy class on Wednesday week. PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) on Thursday week evening was led by Tracey Engyel. The AGM on Sunday week evening was chaired by Amanda Pell.

Tuesday Dance

Dancers were welcomed to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week evening by Mrs M. Blakemore. Mrs M. Goodall organised and led the dancing. Mr P. Goodall provided the music.

Bolsover Wellness

Julie Bonsall welcomed members on a daily basis to Shirebrook Leisure Centre Monday week to Thursday week inclusive. Members took part in chair based exercises as part of the ‘Wellness Programme.’ Details of how to access the programme are available from Julie Bonsall 748313.

Artists Group

Mrs B. Potter welcomed members to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Refreshments were served.

Chit Chat Club

Mrs D. Gough welcomed members to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week where she also collected subscriptions. Members played bingo with caller Maureen Gough and held a raffle won by Lily Fewster. New member Mary Mitchell was welcomed. Refreshments were served by Annette Toon, Sylvia Garton and Maureen Gough.

Keep Fit Club

Mesdames D. Wake, D. Stevenson, C. Benson, J. Charlesworth, S. Creswell, M. Mitchell and G. Mee were welcomed to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week by Mrs K. Lindsay. Ladies took part in line dancing and gentle exercise to music.

Happy Chat Coffee

Julie Bonsall welcomed members to Shirebrook Leisure Centre on Wednesday week where she also collected subscriptions and served refreshments. Table games were organised by Dot Hindley and Carol-Ann Wall. Raffle winners were Lucy Stewart, Dot Hindley, Julie Bonsall, Carol-Ann Wall, Joyce Askew, June Howl and Sheila Garland. Birthday cards, flowers and a cake were presented to Julie Bonsall.

Early Birds Day N’sery

Older siblings were welcomed to the Holiday Club during the half term holidays. Toddlers used white chalk and black paper for mark making and used scissors, glue and magazines in creative play. ‘Find a Rhyme’ jigsaws were used for language skills and compare bears in mathematics. Imaginative role play was with dolls and clothes. Children played with linking fish in water and scoops and moulds in sand. Babies took part in junk modelling, potato printing activities, played with musical and pull-a-long toys and played with brushes in sand. Pre-school children played with marbles in mathematics and used a snap game to improve language. Tactile play was with playdoh and cutters. Stacey Biggin welcomed younger siblings to the daily After School Club holiday activities.

Staff and Social Club

Mr M. Fletcher hosted a games night on Monday week evening. The pool and darts match winner was Malcolm Fletcher with Dickie Dillon winning the dominoes match.

Grange Care Home

Residents in the nursing lounge have recently taken part in exercises using a ball to music, played bingo and held a ‘knit and natter’ session. Hamilton Suite residents have completed a large, group crossword puzzle, taken part in a watercolour painting session and held a sing-a-long to Foster and Allan on cd. In the residential dining room, residents held a general knowledge quiz, played dominoes, bingo and took part in one to one activities. All residents were entertained by Razzle Dazzle yesterday week afternoon when they performed a 1950s style show.

Richmond Care Home

Claire Seymour recently spent time reminiscing with residents on a one to one basis. Some of the residents visited the hairdresser and also had their nails painted. Residents played bingo, took part in a skittles match and held an ‘Old Time Music Hall’ themed sing-a-long with a few residents dancing to the music. Staff and residents celebrated Lilian Bull’s birthday.

Sports Club

Volunteers and coaches welcomed 15 members to Shirebrook Leisure Centre on Thursday week where activities included games of football, one on one football, boxing practice, gym work and round robin basketball. Vacancies currently exist for children aged 9-10 years with sessions costing £1. Contact 748907.

New Bassett House

Residents have recently played board games and visited the hairdresser. Keyboard player ‘Delia’ recently entertained residents.