Community News - Shirebrook

CHIT Chat Club: Mrs D. Gough welcomed members yesterday week at Shirebrook Village Hall. Refreshments were served by Mesdames A. Toon, A. Draycott, M. Howard and S. Garton. Members played bingo with caller Miss M. Gough and held a raffle won by Lily Fewster.

SELF Help Group: Mesdames G. Mee, E. Hayes, D. Graves and I. Cooke prepared a room at Shirebrook Village Hall on Wednesday week ahead of the members meeting. Mrs Mee welcomed members, collected subscriptions and called the bingo. Ladies played bingo, held a raffle and took part in a general knowledge quiz. Refreshments were served by Mesdames S. Garton, S. Creswell and D. Stevenson. A birthday card and chocolate were presented to Joan Boffin. A group of members recently visited Doncaster market.

RICHMOND Care Home: Residents attended a recent charity night fundraising event at Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre. Staff took part in a charity walk to Clumber Park. Margaret Sargisson celebrated her 90th birthday with a buffet shared with other residents and staff. Adam Hinds organised a chit and chatter session, a nail care session, games of dominoes and a baking workshop where residents made buns and biscuits.

EARLY Birds Day Nursery: Babies recently played with rakes and sieves in sand, with dolls and sponges in water and with jelly and insects in tactile play. Children also decorated paper plates and played with a waffle town. Outdoors play was with musical instruments and balancing blocks. Toddlers played with a toy volcano and dinosaurs, Duplo blocks and a Noah’s ark. Alien’s was the topic of the week. Pre-school children took part in salad spinning and used cars for rolling in paint. Rice and glitter was used for sticking and children played with number moulds in sand and with rollers and biscuit cutters. Outdoor play included throwing and catching balls and balancing. Topic of the week was, ‘Growth, decay and changes.’

GRANGE Care Home: Residents in the Hamilton Suite have recently played skittles, watched dvd’s and played bingo. In the nursing lounge, residents have taken part in a quiz and an arts and crafts activity. In the residential lounge, residents played bingo and made baskets using lollypop sticks. Activities were led by Mandy Lindley and Natasha Westwood.

METHODIST Church: Churches Together in Shirebrook celebrated Harvest Festival on Sunday week evening. Rev Barbara Greenwood was the leader and she spoke about God’s love and faithfulness to us through creation and through His Son, Jesus. Members from the other churches shared in the worship. Naomi Fennell from Iris Ministries spoke about her work in Mozambique and disaster areas all over the world. After the service, harvest produce was exchanged for donations to the work of the Iris Ministries. Refreshments were shared after the service.

CHARITY Concert: Tickets are still available from Mr Ken Walker or any Bolsover District Council office for the band concert in aid of prostrate cancer which is to be held in the Auditorium at Sports Direct on Friday evening. (October 5th) Tickets cost £5 and include light refreshments.

SHIREBROOK Bowls Club: The club site is now closed for Winter with Autumn renovations currently taking place. A members meeting was held on Sunday week when it was agreed to join the Derbyshire EBF Bowling Association and to also apply to the M&D Bowling Association to join the 3 x 3 league on Saturday afternoons. Club members hope to encourage new members to join the club prior to the start of next season. Current members are undertaking courses in Levels 1 and 2 Coaching, Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Emergency First Aid and Equity in Coaching.  Accreditation in these areas will help achieve the agreed bench mark with Bolsover District Council Sports Development. Currently club members have achieved the bronze award in club accreditation which was presented at an awards ceremony held at Shirebrook Leisure Centre last Friday.

WILLOW Tree Family Farm: Four baby meerkats have recently been on display to the public for the first time. A special event for Hallowe’en is currently being planned and will include a disco, visits by ‘Mickey and Minnie’ mouse, free craft activities and entertainment by a skilled fire breather. Further details will be available shortly.

SHIREBROOK Floral Art Club: A demonstration entitled, ‘Anything Goes’ by Mrs Jenny Jeffries of Mansfield was held on Thursday week at Shirebrook library. Arrangements included fruits, hats and modern and continental designs in autumn colours. The meeting was opened by Mrs Linda Holmes. Mrs Angela Kerry gave the vote of thanks. A raffle and sale of flowers in aid of club funds was organised by Mrs Carol Bennett.

TUESDAY Dance: Mrs M. Blakemore welcomed dancers to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week. Mrs M. Goodall organised the dancing and taught three new dances from the Bridlington competition. Mr P. Goodall provided the music.

ARTISTS Group: Mrs B. Potter welcomed members, collected subscriptions and served refreshments at the recent members meeting at Shirebrook Welfare Social Centre.

KEEP Fit: Mrs K. Lindsay welcomed Mesdames C. Benson, J. Charlesworth, M. Howard and S. Garton to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week for line dancing and exercise to music.

SHIREBROOK Miners Welfare UNISON Band: Band members recently competed in the 101st National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain at The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse. Led by Musical Director, Mark Wilcockson, the band was one of two bands representing the Midlands Region in the Second Section of the Championships. Playing the test piece ‘Academic Festival Overture’, composed by Johannes Brahms and arranged for a brass band by Dr. Denis Wright, band members were placed 9th out of a total of 17 bands within the Second Section.

BROWNIES: Leaders P. Chambers and M. Crew welcomed Brownies to Shirebrook Church Hall where they commenced work on the Artist Badge. Brownies made bookmarks and invitations for the forthcoming harvest. They also played a colours game using primary colours to create secondary colours. The evening ended with songs and Brownie bells.

SHIREBROOK Staff and Social Centre: Mr M. Fletcher hosted a darts, dominoes and pool evening on Monday week evening.

HAPPY Chat Coffee Club: Julie Bonsall opened the meeting at Shirebrook Leisure Centre. A raffle was organised by Carol Ann Wall and won by Dot Hindley, Ada Askew, Joyce Askew and Pat Greig. Refreshments were served by Julie Bonsall and Sue Bennett. Audrey Doyle organised table games.

ASHBOURNE Court: Team ‘B’ won the Thursday week darts match and Red Team won the Friday week skittles match. A birthday tea was served to celebrate Iris Smith’s 90th birthday. A general knowledge quiz was won by Joyce Jarvis, Joyce Hodgetts and Bessie Petford. Residents had a visit to Bridlington.

SHIREBROOK Parish Church of the Holy Trinity: Rev C. Beresford led a Holy Communion service on Sunday week when he took as his title, ‘What makes someone great?’ Organist was Mr D. Watson. Bible readings were by Mrs N. Maynard and James Taylor. Intercessions were led by Helen Hornsby. Bread and wine were taken to the altar by Miss B. Charlesworth and Mrs J. Gorill. Welcome steward was Mrs K. Lindsay who also took the collection. Mrs S. Beresford organised the children’s activities based around John the Baptist. Refreshments were served by Noreen Maynard and Sandra Beresford.

SALVATION Army: Marlene Mason led yesterday week’s Home League members meeting when she took as her title, ‘What are you wearing, are you clothed with righteousness?’ Volunteers served at four recent coffee mornings. Maj Ina Neill led the Wednesday week Bible study class. Dorothy Plant and Diane Cooper welcomed children to the Buddies playgroup meeting on Thursday week. On Friday week Maj R. Wardley welcomed members to the Sunshine Club where he spoke about ‘showing your appreciation’. Maj Neill led the Harvest Festival Service on Sunday week. The Messengers and the worship group members sang. Members of the congregation identified different tasting fruits whilst they were blindfolded.